Right Lane Industries LLC is pleased to announce that it has acquired Belt Concepts of America Inc. from ContiTech USA, Inc.

Belt Concepts of America manufactures premium quality, lightweight PVC conveyor belts out of its 150,000 square foot factory in Spring Hope, NC. The company is known for providing both standard and customized conveyor belting solutions for a wide variety of industries including food processing, package and baggage handling, recycling, and agriculture, among others. The acquisition aligns with Right Lane’s strategy to acquire manufacturing businesses for a permanent hold period, while providing them with corporate resources and capital to invest in product development, equipment, and customer relationships.

The transaction will yield a smooth and seamless transition for customers and suppliers, as the entire Belt Concepts team will remain with the Company, continuing to produce all existing products and more.

We are excited to work with the Belt Concepts team to continue growing the business through improved customer relationships and expanded product offerings. Bringing Belt Concepts under Right Lane ownership will allow the company to focus on developing new problem-solving products to address the needs of its customers; and will enable the company’s long-tenured team of exceptional employees to continue to thrive

said Woody Cissel, Right Lane’s Vice President of Corporate Development.

About Right Lane Industries

Right Lane Industries is an industrial holding company that acquires manufacturing and industrial services businesses for a permanent holding period. As a result of this permanent horizon, Right Lane businesses are able to make decisions for the long-term, resulting in collaborative customer relationships, experienced teams, and high-quality products and services. Right Lane’s existing businesses include: FENN, Pacific Press Technologies, MULTIPRESS, Five Points Film, Schlegel Specialty Products, Bold Renewables and now Belt Concepts. For more information please visit