Agricultural Belts

Harvesting Better Solutions with Belt Concepts Agricultural Conveying Solution

The agriculture industry has a wide variety of needs for conveyor belting technology. From harvesting to storage, drying and processing, there are many applications and food products that may have a new for a conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt carcass and construction may vary depend upon the specific application. Belt Concepts has engineered a variety of lightweight belting options to ensure they meet the most challenging requirements.

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Grain Elevator Belts
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Features custom designed for the agricultural industry include:

Our durable HPCTM plied construction

The continuous Z-Belt™ profile that can carry up to 30% more product

Specially formulated PVGETM compound for safe use in grain elevators

These high tensile strength belts are made with unique hybrid warp yarns and are designed to lift heavier grain loads or typical loads to higher elevations.

The durability of the all polyester interwoven carcass allows for exceptional bolt holding capability and fastener retention, as well as the flexibility to be used on systems with smaller pulley diameters.

Our innovative PVGE compound delivers oil resistance and low temperature capabilities while meeting and exceeding safety standards established by OSHA for static conductivity and MSHA for flame retardant properties.