Health/Fitness Belts

For decades, Belt Concepts has been a leader in fitness belt technology. Our extensive experience in working with leading treadmill OEM’s has allowed us to develop the technology to produce 1 and 2 ply constructions that include:

Very low noise
whisper-weave fabric



Common Profiles Available

Profile A

Profile M

Profile O

Profile Q

Did You Know?

  • Belt Concepts has provided over 100,000 miles of treadmill belt
  • We test our treadmill fabrics up to a million cycles for noise and friction wear

Why Belt Concepts:

  • Over 35 years as a leader in lightweight conveyor belts
  • With our in-house compound lab, our experts are able to quickly develop a customized solution based on your needs
  • Our in house testing facility offers over 40 tests to validate the quality of each belt. Tests are chosen based on the parameters of the product & application
  • Our state of the art equipment and tenured team ensure fast lead times and shipment
  • 100% of our products are made in the USA!
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