General Use Belts

For a variety of light and medium duty, applications, lightweight conveyor belts from Belt Concepts offer a broad range of choices for general purpose conveying. Belt concepts has just the right belts for a multitude of applications, including grocery store check-out counters, warehouse and distribution environments, small parts conveying, light duty inspection lines and electronic vision detection systems.

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Belt Concepts’ general-purpose belts are available in three unique constructions- multi-plied spun polyester, multi-plied monofilament and single-plied interwoven. All of our belts feature HPC™ technology, a homogeneous plied construction process that provides excellent resistance to edge wear and better tracking for longer lasting systems.

A variety of cover profiles are available that work well in various general-purpose applications. For situations where aesthetic appeal is as important as performance, a variety of color options are available. For all of your general-purpose conveying needs, Belt Concepts has you covered!