Food Processing Belts

Belt Concepts offers a wide range of field tested, lightweight conveyor belts that score high marks in some of the most stringent environments. When it comes to bakery, fruit, vegetable, pharmaceutical and meat processing, count on Belt Concepts to make the grade.

Most every food processing belt includes either RMV© OR POR™ special compounds manufactured with FDA/USDA compliant materials. Both are highly resistant to animal fats, vegetable and mineral oils, as well as many chemicals.

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You will find a variety of surface impressions in Belt Concept’s food processing belts, each designed to improve your options when a profile belt is required.  A perfect example is the Z-Belt,™ a food approved belt delivered increased product carrying capacity while reducing system vibration on the return side idlers.

For advanced performance that keeps you ahead in one of the most restrictive conveying environments, Belt concepts has the belt you are looking for.