Custom Products

At Belt Concepts, we’re proud to offer innovative solutions.

Our on-site compound lab allows our technical experts to quickly develop customized solutions for each application. Belt Concepts can offer literally thousands of color, fabric, cover profile and compound combinations.
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Why Belt Concepts:


As low as 300’ (100m) minimum length


Min. width varies depending on belt style 60”-84” (1524-2134mm).
Other widths available upon request.


Dozens of colors available, contact us to learn more about color matching

Min. & Max Thickness

Min. thickness .04” (1.016mm) Max. thickness .4” (10.16mm), depending on fabric and impression combination


Wide variety of belt constructions available


Our onsite compounding facility immediately services the needs to the production lines, reducing production time

Why Belt Concepts:

  • Over 35 years as a leader in lightweight conveyor belts
  • With our in-house compound lab, our experts are able to quickly develop a customized solution based on your needs
  • Our in house testing facility offers over 40 tests to validate the quality of each belt. Tests are chosen based on the parameters of the product & application
  • Our state of the art equipment and tenured team ensure fast lead times and shipment
  • 100% of our products are made in the USA!
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