Solid Woven

Made to order, made to last. Your Innovation Partner for Solid Woven Belts

Belt Concepts offers many styles of solid woven light weight belting- from fabric, to surface impressions, to color and cover compounds- our belts are made for your application’s unique needs and requirements.

Advanced Performance With HPC™ technology

Our exclusive HPC™ technology provides unmatched quality and lasting durability. With up to four plies combined, our HPC™ technology provides the following benefits:

Superior Tracking

Belts lay flat and provide superior tracking

Solid Carcass

A more solid carcass


Outstanding resistance to even the most rugged environments


Less potential for delamination

Cost Effective

Most cost effective compared to plied belts


Typically only available with metallic staples and lacing

Patented Triple-Warp Carcass

Belt Concepts is proud to offer our Patented Triple-Warp Carcass. This extra strong carcass includes three independent warp cords along with hybrid fill cords that work together to increase overall abuse resistance. Along with first class PVC cover compounds which protect against ripping, tearing, buckling, abrasion, impact and wear, our belts provide the ultimate in durability, strength, and performance.

With our state of the art equipment, on-site compound lab and test center, Belt Concepts has the unique ability to serve as a “one stop shop” for our customers. From custom formulation of your belt in our lab, to the testing phase where over 40 tests are offered, to production and final shipment- our in-house services mean belts are made on spec and on time- every time!

About our Single Solid Woven Belts

  • Constructed of high-quality spun polyester warp yarns that are interwoven and bound together with the weft yarns.
  • The fusing and high impregnation of this interwoven carcass offers excellent fastener retention, tear resistance and low stretch qualities for general conveying.