Silicone Coated Fabrics

Silicone Coated High Performance Textiles for General Industrial Applications

Belt Concepts’ Silthane® proprietary range of coatings are resistant to heat of up to 550° F. Silthane® provides a coating surface that can enhance the temperature resistance of the substrate in addition to better release properties. Silthane can be applied with excellent adhesion to a number of fabric substrates including fabrics made out of cotton, polyester, fiberglass or various blends.


Resistance to high and low temperatures and temperature fluctuations

Excellent chemical resistance

Very good release properties (Non-stick)

Various grades available (including non-toxic)

Good abrasion resistance

Does not conduct electricity (dielectric)

Available in widths up to 84” wide (2150 mm)

Grades suitable for food contact (FDA compliant)

Additives available to improve or enhance resistance to ultraviolet radiation, oxygen and ozone

Common/Ideal Applications For Silthane®

  • Conveyor Belts
  • Welding Shields & Curtains
  • Heat & Fire Blankets
  • Steam Pipe & Valve Insulation
  • Silicone High Temp Baking Mats (such as Silpat)